The best age for boxing to start and the oldest age to start

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What is the age for boxing? While it may not receive the same level of attention as other sports, boxing has quietly become one of the world’s most popular sports. Continue reading to find out when is the greatest age to start boxing.

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Overview of boxing

Boxing is a combat sport in which people fight with their fists. Boxing has traditionally been referred to as “pugilism,” which literally means “fist fight.” Fights take place in an area known as a “ring,” and are comprised of timed rounds. The fight is overseen by a referee inside the ring, while judges outside the ring ultimately decide who wins the match.

There are two main divisions in boxing today: amateur and professional. In amateur boxing, points are awarded instead of actual physical harm done to the opponent. Also worn is protective headgear. The length of a match is reduced to three rounds of three minutes each, with a one-minute rest period in between rounds.

Professional boxing contests, on the other hand, often last 10 to 12 rounds. Fighters are required to take much more damage and headgear is not allowed. It is not uncommon for boxers to start out as amateur competitors before moving on to the professional ranks. Read on to know the professional and amateur boxing age limit

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The best age for boxing

Ages 3-5 

Typically, children of this age are too young to begin genuine boxing fights or boxing classes. Children of this age lack the strength and coordination to repeatedly hit a punching bag or an opponent. Furthermore, young children may struggle to grasp the game’s principles and proper tactics. Besides, acquiring appropriate gloves for children this young might be difficult. 

That being said, if a youngster is interested in boxing at this age, one thing they can practice is what is known as shadow boxing. Shadow boxing is a form of boxing practice in which a boxer throws air punches, and it can be a simple way to introduce the sport to young boxers.

Ages 6-11

This is the best age to start boxing. When children reach this age, they usually have the strength and coordination to begin actual boxing. Before investing in classes, which can be costly at times, parents should ensure that their children are engaged in the game. 

This can be accomplished by attempting shadow boxing with them as well as other fundamental boxing routines that do not require the use of equipment. If they demonstrate sufficient enthusiasm, the next step is usually to enroll a child in boxing training with a teacher so that they can learn the rules and proper methods. From there, children can hone their talents and eventually compete against other children of comparable heights and weights.

best age for boxingAge 12 and up

It is never too late to begin boxing, so if a child is 12 or 13 and wants to learn, they can surely do so. Parents should ensure that their child enrolls in a beginner’s class or something similar, as their child’s skills will lag behind those who began boxing at a younger age. Even if they are only boxing for enjoyment, the training can be a pleasant method for them to get some exercise. 

Boxing training includes a lot of cardio, strength training, and core strengthening, which are all fantastic ways to keep healthy and fit. Even those in their twenties and thirties can begin to learn boxing and benefit from the excellent conditioning provided by the training.

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College boxing

While boxing is not an NCAA-sanctioned sport, it is available to college athletes through a separate organization. The National Collegiate Boxing Association (NCBA) allows students to compete in intramural, recreational, and competitive boxing matches against other college athletes. Their website contains a long list of eligibility requirements. 

If a child wishes to box in college, especially at a competitive level, they must begin practicing at a young age. They will also need to ensure that they maintain their grades, as part of the eligibility includes remaining academically eligible, and they will need high marks to go into college in the first place.

How old is too old to start boxing?

The quick and simple answer is that there is no age limit for amateur boxing. There is no such thing as the prime age for boxers. There have been successful fighters who began boxing at about every age range imaginable throughout history.

There have been boxers who started boxing at the age of eight, others who started in their late twenties, and still others who did not put on their first boxing glove until they were 40 or older. This is why, in general, there is no age limit for starting boxing.



There is no formal age for boxing. However, from an administrative standpoint, continuing to compete at a later age may be more difficult. In addition, don’t forget to visit Boxingreport for more information about this kind of sport

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